Why we choose to work in Primary healthcare sector in Haiti.

March 19, 2021

Anyone familiar with Haiti, will realise that life in Haiti has more struggle than most places in the world today. The people of Haiti have struggled through a lot – hurricanes, earthquakes, political instability, poverty and economic crisis. The social standing in the world and limited natural resources add to the modern day problems of Haiti. But everyday, Haitians endure these tough conditions and keep moving ahead in hope of better. There are 3 main changes required to add hope and opportunity to Haiti. Changing political priorities, better education and improving Healthcare. Many agents, both native and foreign to the country, work to ensure that the country can eliminate its chronic problems. We do what we can best. We choose to work on healthcare. Primarily because it is one of the most basic needs for a good life. Health is wealth.

The healthcare system here needs help and we believe we are in a position to do so. We can say it confidently because of our team’s background in medicine + technology. It is this combination which gives us hope and enthusiasm. It has been a global trend that In countries where access to health care is difficult and infrastructure is poor, technology has played an important role. The Internet is just getting better in Haiti and we are on the cusp of a digital revolution. Throughout the years, internet penetration has been increasing considerably. In 2018, nearly 32.5 percent of the country’s population accessed the internet, a considerable increase compared to the 12.3 percent recorded a year earlier. According to the latest statistics, There were 4.28 million internet users in Haiti in January 2021.

Between 2020 and 2021, the number of internet users in Haiti increased by 601 thousand (+16%) The total Internet penetration in Haiti stood at 37.3% in January 2021. This is a considerable rise in internet penetration. While the numbers are not upto the global mark, they are big enough to create change. Young Haitians are adept at using the phones and the Internet, and have developed digital skills on them. People are realising that inclusive growth of Haiti is possible only through digitisation and internet connectivity. Today, we can bank on technology to do what was not possible before. Technology broadens access. It makes operations systematic. It can also totally eliminate the distance between a Doctor and patient via online consultation. In Haiti where public transport is difficult and time consuming, this becomes a game changer. Implementation of technology is possible by mobilising external resources and developing Haiti specific solutions. The final product is useful for the local population but with no resources consumed locally. This is unique about technology, it can be of help to ones who really need it without having to use local resources. We can plan, develop and implement good tech infrastructure without depending on already scarce local resources. We are optimistically focussing on primary healthcare. If primary healthcare and preventive healthcare is done online, it frees up space for more serious ones at the clinic or medical facility. If Doctor’s efficiency is improved by providing the right tools, he/ she can see more patients.

Creating a viable primary healthcare infrastructure is necessary to prevent disease and medical issues from sapping the nation’s economic growth. Technology is a powerful tool in our joint pursuit of being healthy. When used for the right ends, it is truly magic. It continuously changes the equation of markets by putting power into the hands of the people. Team Dokpam is fortunate to work in this unique space making equations favorable to Haitians.

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